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View of West Fork Valley - Uncompahgre Wilderness

Wetterhorn Basin Trail

Best experienced as an overnight trip or as a long day-hike, this trail offers spectacular and quintessential Colorado backcountry scenery for the hiker willing to tackle its 10.6 mile (or more, depending on how far you wish to go) roundtrip distance as well as its 2,980 ft. of elevation gain. This hike is unique in that some of the most rugged and fluted peaks in the San Juan mountain range can be seen from vantage points throughout the duration of the hike.

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Mosquito by Eli Christman

8 Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes

As every backpacker knows, mosquitoes are a part of the summer outdoor experience. At times, however the bugs can go from a nuisance to real pain in the neck (pun intended!). But there are a few things that you can do to keep the little pests from ruining a trip. The following is a list of tips that I’ve found helpful in my backcountry travels.

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Brainard Lake, Roosevelt National Forest

Brainard Lake Recreation Area

Offering access to prime backcountry and myriads of trails, the Brainard Lake Recreation Area is a popular jumping off point for adventurers and hikers heading into the Indian Peaks wilderness. Several trails lead to Long Lake, Mitchell Lake, Blue Lake, Lake Isabelle, and the Isabelle Glacier.

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Black Forest and Waldo Canyon Burn Scars Visible from Space

NASA satellite captures space image showing the extent of the damage of the fires of 2012 and 2013 On Feb 11, 2013, NASA released this stunning, nearly cloudless composite image of the United States produced by the LANDSAT 8 satellite. The release was timed ┬áby NASA to commemorate the first anniversary of the LANDSAT 8 earth observation satellite. NASA carefully stitched this image together from hundreds of separate satellite photographs to produce a nearly cloudless image of the United States. LANDSAT 8 is an earth observing satellite used by governmental agencies and scientists to measure and monitor changes to the […]

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