Hidden Gems Wilderness Bill Achieves Key Milestone

April 23, 2011 – House district 2 Congressman Scott Polis announced the introduction of the Eagle and Summit County Preservation Act, which seeks to create key wilderness designations in central Colorado. During today’s announcement in the State Capitol, Congressman Scott Polis remarked about the importance of the legislation, “These wild landscapes are what make Colorado the special place that we love. Preserving our natural resources strengthens the economic resources that support Colorado jobs. We also ensure that generations of Coloradans can enjoy these special places for fun, adventure or just enjoying the peace of the outdoors. That’s why this bill, […]

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Uncompahgre Wilderness

The locals call the area the ‘Switzerland of America’, and with good reason. The Uncompahgre wilderness is a treasure trove of jagged peaks and wildflower strewn alpine tundra in the northern San Juan mountains. The northern and central portion of the wilderness contains a series of north-south trending drainages separated from each other by banded cliffs and razor-toothed peaks with fanciful names like Precipice peak and Courthouse mountain. Further south, a wonderland of high altitude alpine meadow known as the ‘American Flats’ beckons. The Uncompahgre (also known as ‘Big Blue’) is not as well known as its neighbors to the […]

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