Backpacking Guide to Colorado’s Top 8 Trails [ eBook ]


Save time looking for the perfect backpacking trail with this e-guide to the best backpacking trips Colorado has to offer. Download in PDF format.


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Product Description

Looking for backpacking trip ideas? I’ve written an e-guide that shortcuts you to the best trips Colorado has to offer.

As the author of Colorado’s Wild Areas, I’ve used my extensive knowledge of Colorado’s mountains to hand-pick eight of the best backpacking trips in this state. This guide will help you find and begin enjoying some of the best trails in the state. You’ll find everything you need to plan your trip including detailed trail descriptions, trip itineraries, and large annotated maps to guide you along your trip in the backcountry.

Don’t waste your time elsewhere. Let me show you the trails that will reward you with an epic adventure.

I know Colorado’s backcountry. I’ve trekked across miles of trails to seek out the gems and bring you a guide that reflects my hiking experience in the rugged Rocky mountain wilderness. Within my guides I show you the places that few ever see, and many fail to find.

What You’ll See

In the treks outlined in this guide you will hike to shimmering high altitude lakes, zig-zag through alpine valleys, gaze at jagged thirteen thousand foot peaks, and trek over high mountain passes to rewarding views of endless stacked sawtooth peaks. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at this photo (below) from one of the included hikes.

View of Vestal Basin from high in the Weminuche wilderness of Colorado

Why should you choose my e-guide?

There are tons of e-books and e-guides out there of various and dubious quality. You know from reading this site, that I provide quality write ups of the trails and scenic areas in this state. This e-guide is no less. I have put a lot of time and effort into photographing, documenting and writing about the trails and scenic spots that are included in this guide. If you aren’t satisfied, let me know, and I will refund your money. That’s the least I could do to make sure you are happy.

  1. Quality trail write ups
  2. Satellite trail maps [example]
  3. Links to my interactive online maps hosted on
  4. Professional trail photography
  5. Accurate directions to the trailheads
  6. Trail itineraries to help you plan your day

Links to Interactive Maps Online

I’ve created interactive maps that you can browse to online, giving you an easy way to view the trail and plan your trip. These maps can be pinched, zoomed, and expanded just like the other maps online. Each backpacking trip in this ebook contains a link to a map like the one shown below. Just click on the hyperlink in the book, and the map will load in a browser. Note that the map will be full-screen, unlike this example!


Look for this hyperlink to the interactive maps in the ebook

Loaded with lots of stunning wilderness photography

As a photographer I can appreciate the power of seeing photographs of a trip someone has made before me. That’s why each trail is illustrated with stunning landscape photography many of which are from my own personal collection. These pictures alone are worth the price of this digital book.


Eight Backpacking Trips Included

    1. Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop
      • 25.1 miles loop hike near Aspen, Colorado
    2. East Fork to Middle Fork
      • 15.4 mile shuttle hike near Gunnison, Colorado
    3. Vestal Basin & Grenadier Range
      • 17.3 mile in-and-out hike near Silverton, Colorado
    4. Fall Creek to Cross Creek
      • 25.3 mile shuttle hike near Minturn, Colorado
    5. Rawah Lakes
      • 18.4 mile loop hike near Ft. Collins, Colorado
    6. Lone Eagle Peaks – Indian Peaks Wilderness
      • 14.4 mile in-and-out hike near Grand Lake, Colorado
    7. Red Buffalo Pass to Eccles Pass Traverse
      • 12.9 mile shuttle hike near Vail, Colorado
    8. Dominguez Canyon Loop – Dominguez Canyons Wilderness
      • 13.1 mile loop hike near Grand Junction, Colorado

Table of contents

  • Intro to Backpacking in Colorado
    • Altitude sickness
    • Water Purification
    • Weather
      • North American Summer Monsoon
      • Lightning danger
  • Top 8 Backpacking Trips
    1. Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop – Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness
    2. East Fork to Middle Fork – Uncompahgre Wilderness
    3. Vestal Basin & Grenadier Range – Weminuche Wilderness
    4. Fall Creek to Cross Creek – Holy Cross Wilderness
    5. Rawah Lakes – Rawah Wilderness
    6. Lone Eagle Peaks – Indian Peaks Wilderness
    7. Red Buffalo Pass to Eccles Pass Traverse – Eagles Nest Wilderness
    8. Dominguez Canyon Loop – Dominguez Canyons Wilderness

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  1. Corniceman


    Sam Szarka has done an amazing job putting together this backpacking guide. I had a few unanswered questions after purchasing the guide and Sam went far beyond anything I expected to get me the information I needed. Sam truly wants you to have a wonderful backpacking experience and to use his guide to help accomplish that goal. After weeks of looking I have not found a more complete gathering of all of the critical information in one place to aid in the planning of my planned backpacking trips in Colorado.

  2. Kevin


    My husband purchased this guide to help put me at ease about our upcoming trip to the Maroon Bells. I feel much better having seen all the detail this guide provides. I am confident that this will be the fun adventure I have been promised. We are well prepared.

    Thank you Sam,
    trail name: Hummingbird

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