Kebler Pass - Raggeds Wilderness Trails Illustrated Map

Kebler Pass / Paonia Res. Topographic Map – Trails Illustrated #133


The Kebler Pass / Paonia map is a National Geographic topographic map that covers the Raggeds and West Elk wilderness areas. The map clearly marks trails, shows important landmarks, is printed on tear-resistant plastic and is the choice of hikers for navigating the backcountry.

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The Trails Illustrated Kebler Pass / Paonia Reservoir map (#133) is a topographic map of the Kebler Pass, Paonia area of Colorado, just west of Crested Butte.

The map covers the entire Raggeds Wilderness (including the Oh-Be-Joyful valley, Kebler Pass, and Irwin areas) as well as the northern edge of the West Elk Wilderness area. Printed in color on durable tear-resistant plastic. It is everything you need to navigate the trails of the Raggeds or West Elk Wilderness.


  • Wilderness and forest-service trails and wilderness boundaries clearly marked
  • Durable (printed on tear resistant plastic)
  • Reliable (created by the professionals at National Geographic)
  • Topography lines and terrain shading to aid orienteering
  • Latitude/Longitude and UTM coordinates are located along the map border.
  • GPS compatible
  • 1000 meter UTM grid. When used with map datum NAD 27, these coordinates provide an approximate location fix.
  • Selected waypoints are included on the map.
  • Covers the following USGS quads: Somerset, Paonia Reservoir, Marcellina Mountain, Oh-Be-Joyful, Minnesota Pass, West Beckwith Peak, Anthracite Range, Mt. Axtell
  • Revised in 2010








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