Hidden Gems Wilderness Bill Achieves Key Milestone

Posted: Apr 23, 2011 by Sam Szarka

Acorn Creek Proposed Wilderness - Photo: Karn Stiegelmeier

April 23, 2011 – House district 2 Congressman Scott Polis announced the introduction of the Eagle and Summit County Preservation Act, which seeks to create key wilderness designations in central Colorado.

During today’s announcement in the State Capitol, Congressman Scott Polis remarked about the importance of the legislation, “These wild landscapes are what make Colorado the special place that we love. Preserving our natural resources strengthens the economic resources that support Colorado jobs. We also ensure that generations of Coloradans can enjoy these special places for fun, adventure or just enjoying the peace of the outdoors. That’s why this bill, which is the product of months of consensus building, enjoys such broad support.”

For many months, local groups, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts have been working closely together on an initiative dubbed “Hidden Gems” a moniker that describes the value and scarcity of Colorado’s remaining wild lands. Scott Polis’ bill is the fruit of months of effort and lobbying that has been the work of these western slope grassroots groups who have pushed for Hidden Gems to be included in wilderness legislation.

The proposed wilderness areas contained in Congressman Polis’ Eagle and Summit County Preservation Act are in and around the towns of Vail and Aspen in the Roaring Fork and Vail valleys. Entirely new wilderness areas as well as additions to the popular Maroon Bells, Eagles Nest, and Holy Cross Wilderness areas are included in the legislation.

Take Action and Preserve Colorado’s Wild Lands for the Future

Colorado’s Wild Areas supports this legislation, and will continue to provide up to date information about this wilderness bill. You can support the Eagle and Summit County Preservation Act by contacting your local congressman or senator. provides a convient way to do just that. Take action and support protecting Colorado’s remaining wild lands on the western slope.

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