Maroon Bells Wilderness Faces Severe Problems Due to High Visitation Rates

Forest Service Seeks to Educate Public About Wilderness Impacts US Forest Service rangers alarmed at an increase in the number of wilderness violations in the Maroon Bells Snowmass wilderness created an educational video titled ‘Wilderness in Peril.’ The video attempts to educate the public of the need to abide by wilderness regulations by showing examples of wilderness destruction by unethical backcountry visitors. In recent years, the number of visitors to the Maroon Bells Snowmass wilderness has increased dramatically with the highest impacted areas being the 4 Pass Loop and Conundrum Creek areas. Several recent news articles in the Aspen Times and Aspen […]

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Black Forest and Waldo Canyon Burn Scars Visible from Space

NASA satellite captures space image showing the extent of the damage of the fires of 2012 and 2013 On Feb 11, 2013, NASA released this stunning, nearly cloudless composite image of the United States produced by the LANDSAT 8 satellite. The release was timed  by NASA to commemorate the first anniversary of the LANDSAT 8 earth observation satellite. NASA carefully stitched this image together from hundreds of separate satellite photographs to produce a nearly cloudless image of the United States. LANDSAT 8 is an earth observing satellite used by governmental agencies and scientists to measure and monitor changes to the […]

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