Tarryall Mts. Kenosha Pass Trail Map

Lost Creek Wilderness (Tarryall Mts, Kenosha Pass) Map


Map covers the Lost Creek wilderness, including the Kenosha Pass  and Tarryall Mountains in a topographical map format. Includes wilderness trail information and is printed on tear resistant, water proof plastic. National Geographics Trails Illustrated Tarryall Mts. Kenosha Pass, #105.

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Product Description

The Trails Illustrated Tarryall Mts. Kenosha Pass map (#105) is a topographic trail map of the Lost Creek wilderness area of Colorado. Designed with the outdoors in mind this map is printed in color on durable tear-resistant plastic. It is everything you need to navigate the trails of the Lost Creek area.

Map Info

  • Covers nearly entire Lost Creek wilderness area of  Colorado.
  • Includes coverage of portion of the Pikes Peak National Forest in central Colorado.
  • Includes coverage of popular hiking areas: Lost Creek loop hike, Kenosha Pass, Tarryall Mountains, Kenosha Mountains, Bison Mountain, McCurdy Mountain, Kenosha Peak.
  • Includes coverage of the following trails: a portion of the Colorado Trail, McCurdy Trail, McCurdy Park Trail, Goose Creek Trail, McCurdy Brookside Trail, Lake Park Trail, Payne Creek Trail, Wigwam Trail, Ute Creek Trail, Rolling Creek Trail, Ben Tyler Gulch, and more.

Map Detail

A sample portion of the Tarryall Mts. Kenosha Pass Trails Illustrated Map #105 is provided below.


Lost Creek Map Features

  • Hiking trails shown and clearly marked
  • Durable (printed on tear resistant plastic)
  • Reliable (created by the professionals at National Geographic)
  • Topography lines and terrain shading to aid orienteering
  • 1:63,360 scale to show large areas in a single double-sided map yet show enough detail for basic navigation
  • Latitude/Longitude and UTM coordinates are located along the map border.
  • GPS compatible
  • 1000 meter UTM grid. When used with map datum NAD 27, these coordinates provide an approximate location fix.
  • Selected waypoints are included on the map.


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